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In Just 1 Day, Discover the Hot Topics -- and Captivating Speakers -- That Will Make Your Next Event Sizzle


Are you a meeting professional who is looking for “the” topic that will convince your audience it’s worth attending your upcoming event?

Do you want to find fresh, engaging speakers who can mesmerize and impact your audience – while minimizing the risk of hiring an untested talent?

Or are you a speaker or trainer eager to observe other speakers in action, so you can observe different styles and gain ideas to improve your own presentations?

You belong at VOICES OF IMPACT, the NSA-IL Speaker Showcase. This full-day, in-person event features 15 minutes of stage time for 10 elite professional speakers.




  • Meeting professionals who want to sample a wide variety of speaker styles and topics in one place, at one time, as they plan their events for the upcoming year.
  • In-house meeting planners and HR professionals who want to find engaging speakers who fit the needs of their organizations
  • Speakers and trainers who know that watching their fellow pros is a powerful way to gain inspiration and ideas to improve their own performance
  • Coaches, consultants and other entrepreneurs who speak to generate business and want to experience what a speaker showcase is like
  • High school, college and university students who want to see excellence in communications modeled from the stage
  • Friends, family members, and other members of the general public who want to support our featured speakers

Meet Our Featured Speakers

Workforce Retention and Engagement

"Overcoming The Great Resignation"

Bruce Berlin

The Great Resignation has left many organizations struggling to retain and engage enough staff to effectively serve their customers. To overcome this staffing crisis, leaders must make changes in how they lead in order to create a working experience their staff desires and will allow them to thrive. This session will reveal the primary cause of The Great Resignation and how leaders can overcome it by meeting their staff’s critical needs and taking on a new mindset of their role as a leader.

Engaging Communication Strategies

"Crafting Your Communication Purpose for Success"

Chad Eaves

How well do we set ourselves up for success through communication? How can we do this better? Communication is a perishable skill. And it is one that can be refined with increased effectiveness when it is crafted with purpose. This session will help you craft a proven tool to more effectively communicate for success. 

Business Culture and Change

"The Golden Triangle of Business and Technology Is Outdated"

Allecia A. Harley

Leaders of organizations that rely solely on the PPT model (People, Process, and Technology) for transformation are missing the special sauce that motivates, attracts and retains A-List talent.  The difference between an organization that is growing and one that is in a state of decline hinges on one key factor.

During this talk, you will:

  • Discover the key factor missing from the PPT model that positions your organization for growth
  • Identify strategies to mobilize teams into action
  • Gain clarity on when to cut your losses on business infrastructure projects
In addition, you'll get access to a brief diagnostic tool you can use to assess your organization's health, and get on the right track

The Future of Work

"You’ve Got to be From the Future to Design a Resilient Workplace"

Marti Konstant

The future is flexible. In response to the significant changes of the past two years, the shape-shifting of the workplace is in motion.

One mandate is certain, "You must be prepared to experiment."

The future of work combines the tectonic plates of workplace trends, human behavior, and technology development to form the next generation of the distributed work environment.

The presentation will cover:

  • How to identify signals and trends
  • Techniques for staying relevant and vital in the future
  • The distributed workplace
  • Technology impact

The demand for future relevance and flexing with change has never been stronger.

Effective Leadership

"5 Critical Leadership Qualities That Aren’t Just for Leaders"

Rebecca M. Malotke-Meslin

There are 5 critical leadership qualities that aren’t just for leaders. Whether you’re running a company, hope to do so one day, or you work with a small team of people, you can strive to develop the qualities found in the strongest leaders. These qualities can all be learned, but each one requires ongoing development. There is no destination, only a journey.

Space Exploration

"Space (matters) Manners"

Beth Mund

There are more and more people exploring space than ever before! More frequent space flights, more space tourists and citizen astronauts, and growing opportunities for more places to explore (space stations, low Earth orbit, the Moon and Mars)!

As humans, we are naturally flawed. So how do we bring our best selves to the exploration of space? And why does it matter to the rest of us on Earth? Turns out, HOW we explore space is just as important as the act of exploring itself, as many astronauts have come to find out. So let's examine why our manners will matter as we pursue our space expeditions, and how they can improve our lives on Earth, too. After all, when you go, the world will be watching!


"Confident Mindset"

Stacy Nadeau

Studies show the average person has around 50,000 thoughts run through their head per day. Studies also show about 80% of these thoughts are negative. The negative thoughts running through your head have a direct impact on your leadership style. The good news? You can improve it. Participants will walk away with tangible tools to increase your productivity, improve your capacity for innovate thinking, and be more resilient in navigating everyday challenges. Participants will gain an understanding of how to increase confidence in their ability to help their own internal dialogue to impact their organizations in a positive way.


"Journey to Success in Business and Life"

Blaine Rada

This unique professional development opportunity provides insights on how to grow and expand your skills to achieve more happiness and success at home and work. Blaine Rada will share his story of personal challenge and valuable lessons gained during his month-long trek across Spain, a 500-mile pilgrimage known as the Camino de Santiago. Unplugged from modern life, technology and the nine-to-five routine, Blaine’s one-of-a-kind presentation will provide strategies for achievement that will get you thinking through the next steps to your best year (and life) yet.

Excellence in Healthcare

"The Longest Mile on the Journey to Excellence"

Michelle M. Rathman

Our nation's hospitals and health systems are enduring unprecedented uncertainty while struggling to recruit and retain talent, focus on decreasing health disparities and maintain impeccable quality and safety. As a result, health care leaders have some questions, chief among them, "What will be our new, so-called normal?"

During the Longest Mile on the Journey to Excellence, Michelle explores the human factors that cause harm in health care, how to deepen an organization's collective understanding of the distinct differences between managing versus dealing with change and crisis, and strategies that help make the critical shift from surviving to thriving.

Positive Mental Health

"7 Life Skills to Connect the Dots to Everyday Mental Wellness"

Cindy Tschosik

Mental Health issues impact us directly or indirectly every single day. Cindy Tschosik will deliver 7 of the most prevalent life skills every human needs to help themselves, team members and loved ones. Discover:

  • Where depression comes from and how to spot it
  • Practical steps you can take to prevent depression
  • When and how to seek help
  • What to say to help ourselves and others

Get the Latest Industry Insights During a Lunchtime Panel Discussion

While you enjoy a delicious catered lunch, a panel of esteemed meeting professionals will share what they look for when hiring a speaker, best practices when contacting meeting professionals, tips for differentiating yourself, industry trends, and more!

Don Jenkins

Vice President

National Speakers Bureau, a division of Premiere Speakers

Teri Jordan, CMP, CAE

Chief Industry Relations and Business Development Officer

Society of Gynecologic Oncology

Laurie Fitzgerald, CMP

Senior Meeting Manager

Allstate Insurance

Moderator: Bill Guertin

Past President NSA-IL

Committee Chair, Voices of Impact

What You’ll Receive

When you register, you’ll receive:

  • A seat at this full-day, live and in-person speaker showcase, featuring exciting presentations by 10 elite professional speakers.

  • Catered lunch (please let us know at the time of registration if you have dietary restrictions)

  • A seat at our lunchtime panel discussion featuring 4 top Chicago-area meeting professionals

  • The exciting opportunity to network face-to-face with meeting professionals, event planners and other professional speakers

  • A coupon for $50 off the Spring 2022 Speakers Academy to use yourself or share with a speaker friend

Your Investment – Just $35

NSA-IL Members and Associates Save $5 – Just $30


Limited Opportunity – Get a Professional Headshot Taken On Site

Has it been years since you updated your headshot?

Do you want to expand the array of professional photos you can offer to clients to use in promoting your appearance?

Upgrade your registration to include a Speaker Headshot with our on-site professional photographer. For just $95, you’ll receive:

  • A photography session with a pro who specializes in speaker headshots
  • One high-resolution digital headshot of your choice (you may purchase additional photos for a small fee)
  • Free retouching of your photos


  • You’ll get to pick your appointment time once you check in at the event.
  • We will have a designated space for checking your hair, makeup and overall appearance.
  • Only one outfit per appointment. If you would like to change your outfit, please book a second appointment.
  • Your photos will be available for review approximately one week after the event. 


Schedule of Events

8:30 – 9:15 am – Registration, Networking, Refreshments

9:15 am – Welcome

9:25 am to 11:30 am – Speaker Presentations

11:30 am to 12:30 pm – Lunch and Panel Discussion with Meeting Professionals

12:40 pm to 1:50 pm – Speaker Presentations

1:50 pm – Conclusion

2 to 2:30 pm -- Networking


A Word About COVID

  • We will abide by all health guidelines that are in place at the time of this event, including rules issued by Northern Illinois University; the local, county and state Health Department; and the CDC. 

  • Illinois currently has an indoor mask mandate. Please bring and plan to wear a mask while indoors. N95s and KN95s are recommended.

  • Proof of vaccination is currently not required. However, we encourage an at-home test the night before the event if you have access to a test kit.

  • If you test positive for COVID or are experiencing symptoms the day of the event, please stay home and rest up.

  • To encourage social distancing, audience members are encouraged to stagger their seating (e.g., do not sit directly behind or in front of someone else, leave one or two seats between you and other attendees).

  • If we are unable to host this event in person on February 19 due to changing COVID numbers, it will be rescheduled. The event will not be held virtually.

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