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  • The Joy of Getting Unstuck

The Joy of Getting Unstuck

  • March 10, 2023
  • 9:00 AM - 10:45 AM
  • Zoom


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The Joy of Getting Unstuck

With guest expert

John G. Blumberg, CSP

March 10, 2023

9:00 am – 10:45 am

Our profession, just like everything else, is rapidly changing – from the aftermath of the pandemic to the exponential increase in online content, and the rapid onset of influence by AI. In the exponential speed of all this change it is easy to get stuck.
It’s one thing when life gets sticky – and yet another when we get stuck.  Most often, we have keen awareness of the former and rarely pay attention to the latter. Being stuck can show-up in two completely different ways: through the paralysis of no action or in the spinning of our wheels with needless action.  In either case, we often have a feeling we need to dive-in and do more … rather than stepping back to see where we really are. 

John Blumberg CSP, joins us for some thought-provoking insights, some very real and raw discussions, and an experience that very well may leave you thinking long beyond our morning together. This won’t be a presentation inviting you to do more – yet one inviting you to consider more.

Our Presenter: John G. Blumberg, CSP

John is a companion to leaders digging to unleash the intersection of personal and organizational core values as the most untapped and impactful resource available to them as leaders.  Following an 18-year career at Arthur Andersen, John is just completing his 27th year as a full-time national speaker, thought leader and author on integrity.  His most recent books, both titled Return on Integrity, help leaders at the top and individuals throughout an organization redefine what they first think about when they think of ROI. Leading business author Patrick Lencioni described Return On Integrity as “the most comprehensive compelling guide to core values I’ve ever seen.  It’s a treasure for leaders who understand the importance of culture.” To learn more visit

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