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   Attention New and Emerging Speakers...

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How to Set the "Right" Speaking Fee

Stop Guessing and Use These Simple Questions to Help Ensure You Get Paid What You're Worth

When you're launching your career as a professional speaker, one of the trickiest questions to answer is ...

"How much do I charge?"

NSA Illinois is here to help. Request your copy of our free educational guide, How to Determine the "Right" Professional Speaking Fee.

Here's What You'll Discover

        • 7 questions to help you set competitive speaking fees that reward you for the value you deliver as a speaker
        • Why it's vital to set the right fees -- especially when you're new to the industry
        • The real reason there is no "standard" fee for professional speakers
        • 3 time-tested truths to help you verify whether you've picked the right fee
        • 6 proven negotiation tips to help you secure win-win agreements when clients try to whittle down your fee
        • The shortcut that can help you establish a solid business foundation in record time
        • And much more...

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